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Do you have the tools you need to be successful as a freelance writer?

Although there are some basic tools every freelance writer needs, people often spend time worrying about the things they would like to have. When I first started as a full-time freelancer, I spent a lot of time shopping for a perfect desk, chair and fun accessories. Years later, I realize that I write at my desk less than 20 percent of the time.

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Although a comfortable place to right is necessary and it can be fun and helpful to have some of the latest gadgets, here are the 5 most basic tools every freelance writer needs. Continue Reading…

Ten percent of bloggers make enough money to pay bills and live comfortably. About two percent make over $150,000 a year while blogging from around the world. Whether you aspire to a professional blogging career or just want to improve your productivity, there are a number of writing tools that can help.

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Scrivener, Evernote and Dropbox are three writing tools that have been designed for writers on the go. These tools can help increase productivity, keep you organized and enhance your writing skills. Continue Reading…